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Cosmic Throat Singer

Matthew Kocel

“Matthew Kocel’s music is so primal, so rich and brilliantly soulful…it touches us on a deep level that opens our hearts.”

Dr Joe Dispenza

"You will be changed."

"Matthew is a musical magician, an auditory alchemist. You will be changed."

Wendy Chivers // Owner, Utopia Sacred Space

"...travel beyond time and space..."

" Matthew Kocel is truly a gift to humanity. His music and voice is food for the soul. The vibrations and his harmonics take us on a healing journey beyond the ordinary realms. His music is travel beyond time and space... simply wonderful!"

Zohra S.

"...resonated throughout my body for hours..."

"The sounds and tones resonated throughout my body for hours after the performance.

I’m not giving the experience justice by calling it a performance. It’s much deeper than that. This man is obviously dialed into the cosmos..."

Thomas R.

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